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  Peer Saifullah Khalid
Asadullah Farooq
Jamia Manzor ul Islamia is one of the most wonderful islmaic institute of Asia which is founded by Peir Saif Ullah Khalid DB in 1986 and from the date still its working on to Spread Islamic Education.
There are over 1000 Students in it. It have Diffrant Sections like Hifz ,Tajweed , Dars-e-Nizami Complete to Dor-i-Hadith (8 Year Course) , in this Institute all the Education , Food, Health , Hostels, Cloths and all other needs are tottly Free of Cost.
Yearly Progress
Al Hamd o liLLAH in this Year 2009 over 900 Students got Admission and 350 Students are passed in Exams of Wifaq ul Madaris ul Arbia Board Pakistan.

Hifz-e-Quran :

In this Year 2009 450 Students admits and 130 are passed in Wifaq ul Madaris ul Arbia Board Pakistan Exams.

Tajweed-o-Qirat :

In this Year 2009 50 Students got admission and 48 are passed.

Dars-e-Nizami (8 Year Course) :

We are thankful to ALLAH that in this Year 2009 , 550 Students admitted and 250 Students are passed in the Exams of Wifaq ul Madaris ul Arbia Board Pakistan.

Madrsa Aysha for Girls :

There are 70 Students which studies are going on of Translation of Quran, Tafseer Hifz and Nazra.

Medical :

Jamia has Medical Dispensary in which Qualified M.B.B.S Doctor is giving Treatment to the Students & Poor Peoples Free of Cost and Jamia Also has an Ambulance .

Darul Ifta :

We have a Section of named “Darul Ifta” in which our well known Muftis are answering the Question of Peoples about their Problems.

Library :

We have a Large Library in which Thousands of Books on various Topics.

Website :

We have an Website in which lot of Islamic Stuff are available free of cost like, Islamic books, Audio & Video Lectures,Hamd-o-Naat, Islamic Software’s, Important Articles ,Q& A Section ,Wallpapers, Jamia Introduction ,Aims and objectives and also the weekly Bayan of Peir Saif Ullah Khalid and many much more.

Staff :

For these Sections we have 52 peoples of Staff who are giving their Duties and all their Expenditures are paid by Jamia.

Monthly Expenditures :

It’s over Rs.2000000 Monthly expenditures of Jamia in which Teachers Salary, Utility bills of Water, Gas, Electricity, Students Food , books and other included.

Jamia Dire Need :

This time Jamia Urgently Need Rs.2500000 for Wheat which Jamia Buy. Besides this we need to develop Residence for Teachers , Hostels for Students and A Building for Madrsa Aysha For Girls. It is appealed to all donors to pay their donations for the Continuation of programs of Institution.

Jamia Educational Activities Report :

Nazra : 360 Hifz-e-Quran : 1680
Tajweed : 620 Dars-e-Nizami : 2343
Computer : 213 Madrsa Aysha : 630
Sarf-o-Nah : 503

Important Note :

We are thankful to ALLAH that in this Year we have Start Dura-e-Hadith Class.Its appeal to all our Educational Supporters to Cooperation with us.